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The Beginner Basic, Beginner Plus, Intermediate and Advanced courses cover all skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing).
The conversation practice course is mainly aimed at speaking skills and self-confidence.

Each lesson lasts 60 minutes. In consultation with the teacher you can choose to plan one or more lessons per week. In addition to the lessons, you also get homework to practice what you have learned.

With a minimum of 80% participation, you will receive a certificate of participation at the end of the course.


Beginner Basic

Level A0-A1

After taking this course (10-15 lessons) you will be able:
  • to understand familiar phrases and simple sentences when spoken slowly and clearly.
  • to understand familiar words and simple sentences in standard texts.
  • to express yourself with separate words and short sentences about concrete personal matters.
  • to fill in single words in forms and write short texts like on a card.

Beginner Plus

Level A1-A2

After taking this course (10-15 lessons) you will be able:
  • to understand the most important parts of short and simple messages when speaking slowly and clearly
  • to read short and simple texts on specific topics from your own living and working environment
  • to have short conversations in standard situation. you can ask and answer questions and exchange information about everyday situations.
  • to write short, informal texts, such as notes


Level A2-B1

After taking this course (10-15 lessons) you will be able:
  • to understand factual information about common topics in daily life and work.
  • to read factual texts on subjects from your own living and working environment with a reasonable degree of understanding.
  • to participate with reasonable ease in conversations on topics of daily life and which are aimed at maintaining contact and arranging matters.
  • to write simple coherent texts on familiar topics in daily life.

Intermediate Plus

Level B1-B2

After taking this course (10-15 lessons) you will be able:
  • to reasonably understand more complex information on subjects of daily life and the world of education and profession.
  • to understand many different texts in your own field of field of interest.
  • to effectively participate in (semi-) formal and informal conversations on topics of a practical and professional nature. You can give an opinion in a discussion and substantiate it with arguments.
  • to write a detailed text on various topics in daily life, working life and in training.

Conversation practice

Level A2-B1/B2

The course covers the following components:
  • all speakingskills; content, grammar, vocabulary and intelligibility.
  • practicing the following language situations: discussion, meeting, dialogue and monologue.
  • attention to self-confidence.

The minimum level required for participation is A2.


Package 1

15 lessons of 60 minutes


(€ 66,60 each)

Package 2

30 lessons of 60 minutes


(€ 65,93 each)

Private class

Per lesson:


When can I start?

The lessons are in consultation with you and the teacher.
It is possible to schedule the lessons during the day or in the evening.

Exams in Dutch:

There are only a few places in the Netherlands where you can sign up for an NT2-exam. The (extra) costs are € 200,- for the whole exam (incl. speaking, listening, reading and writing). Check You will definitely receive a ZENd’r certificate (included in the package) if you joined the whole course for at least 80%.

The other exams: please contact us for the possibilities


Based on our first conversation, we decide which book best suits your learning goals.

During the lesson there will be practised reading, speaking, listening and writing. We will use video’s, online reading material, writing exercises, conversations, quizzes, games and audio-material. Homework will mainly be online studymaterial and will be during the course be more specific for your goals. We think it is important that the lessons are interesting and fun. We attach great importance to the feeling of safety for the students.


The costs for the course: you can choose from two packages (see above). At the end of a package you are free to book additional lessons. After payment you will receive the book.